NEWS29 September 2010

Norway extends TNS Gallup PPM radio measurement contract

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NORWAY— The Norwegian National Radio Steering Committee has extended its contract with Kantar subsidiary TNS Gallup to continue measuring listening habits in the country for three more years.

TNS Gallup has provided audience measurement services to the country’s main radio broadcasters since 2006, using Arbitron’s electronic portable people meters to track people’s exposure to stations, whether broadcast by air, cable, satellite or via the internet.

Beginning with a panel of 400 participants at the outset of the contract, the measurement service has grown to 850 panellists and reports data on five national radio channels and four regional sales networks. The contract extension runs until late 2013.

Norway was the first country to switch to electronic measurement of radio listening. PPMs are currently used in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Norway and the USA and there are approximately 60,000 in use worldwide.