NEWS2 October 2020

Nielsen updates advertising intelligence platform

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US – Global measurement and analytics firm Nielsen is upgrading its advertising intelligence platform Nielsen Ad Intel.

Digital advertising

The changes include adding search data as a new media type on the platform, led by advertising intelligence provider The Search Monitor.

The addition of search data will allow Nielsen Ad Intel subscribers to get information from search advertising channels including paid, organic and product listing ads, across desktop and mobile devices.

Nielsen Ad Intel is also offering enhanced digital advertising data for mobile, desktop, display and video placements, and is working in collaboration with audience analytics business BIScience’s AdClarity advertising intelligence tool.

The platform will be expanded to cover social media and in-app platforms at a later date.

Nielsen said the improvements to its digital advertising data included measuring additional sites and advertising types, with more accurate representation of digital advertising buys.

Heather Jordan, senior vice-president for ad intelligence products at Nielsen, said: “The challenge for brands, agencies and publishers is keeping track of their ad performance, effectiveness of their creative and competitors, while making identifying new audiences both an art and a science.

“More than anything, the media ecosystem needs fast, quality digital ad intelligence data that helps keep tabs where ad dollars are being spent and how to best optimise them for future campaigns.”

Last month, Nielsen launched a cookie-less advertising tool with IBM called Watson Advertising Weather Targeting.