NEWS21 April 2017

Nielsen to adopt Gracenote IDs as standard

Media News North America

US – Nielsen has announced that it is formally adopting Gracenote IDs as the standard content identifier across its audience measurement solutions. 

Gracenote IDs are alphanumeric content identifiers that are used to link together video, music and sports content across television, digital and radio. 

Nielsen’s standardisation of the Gracenote ID is intended to provide greater automation for media clients, who will be able to use one single identifier for programme titling processes, enabling them to map and measure content regardless of platform. 

"Implementing Gracenote IDs as standard identifiers is a vital step forward toward creating a more automated, efficient, and accurate measurement process regardless of where the content or ad is consumed," said Kelly Abcarian, senior vice president of product leadership at Nielsen.

"Weaving Gracenote IDs through all Nielsen audience measurement services is part of our ongoing commitment to delivering products that provide tangible benefit to our clients and the market at large."