NEWS9 October 2023

Nielsen releases media planning tool in South Korea

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SOUTH KOREA – Nielsen has launched its media planning and optimisation tool Nielsen Media Impact in South Korea.


Nielsen Media Impact uses analytics, digital data and television panels to offer clients deduplicated media consumption metrics across multiple platforms.

The data from Nielsen Media Impact can be used to show advertisers and agencies which media combinations are most likely to reach key audiences, time spent by those audiences on different media channels and demographic information.

The data can then be used to build media plans based on audience attributes such as psychographics and media and lifestyle behaviours.

Aaron Rigby, Nielsen Asia managing director (advertisers and agencies), said: “In order to meet the rapidly-changing media consumption habits of Koreans, it’s crucial that the nation’s agencies, advertisers and publishers have a planning solution that enables cost-effective decision-making about where and when to engage audiences with content and advertising.

“That’s what Nielsen Media Impact does best. Its launch in South Korea highlights our commitment to empowering the industry to make data-informed decisions. It allows ad buyers and sellers to easily craft local or national media plans to understand where consumers are engaging with their content and the most efficient ways to reach them.”

Inho Um, Nielsen Media Korea director (advertisers and agencies), added: “Nielsen Media Impact offers a unique lens to the South Korean industry, enabling effective decision-making about where and when to engage audiences with content and advertising on multiple levels.

“Its arrival in the market unlocks access to new insights on media allocation and schedule optimisation, delivering better reach across an audience of platform nomads.”