NEWS3 November 2023

Nielsen and GWI partner on audience insight

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UK – Nielsen and consumer research business GWI have partnered on an audience insights tool.

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The tool, called Nielsen GWI Fusion, will allow users to generate insights, increase reach and engagement and analyse audiences, including by media behaviours and applying segments to evaluate variables like time spent, duplication, reach and frequency.

Nielsen GWI Fusion will combine Nielsen’s national television measurement with GWI USA, which will give media buyers a view of more than 250 million consumers.

Angela Girardin, senior vice-president of audience intelligence at Nielsen, said: “The industry has shown increasing demand for more advanced audience insights that connect key targets to their media consumption across platforms.

“The Nielsen GWI Fusion empowers users with rich audience data and insights that will enable them to effectively plan, transact and measure across platforms against the audiences that matter most.”

Tom Smith, chief executive at GWI, said: “The combination of Nielsen’s unrivalled view of the media landscape, and GWI’s deep consumer insights, provides a far more advanced picture of target audiences and how they engage with media.

“This means more precise planning and measurement and better audience engagement – something we know really matters to our combined customers.”