NEWS31 March 2017

Nielsen releases FMCG analytics tool

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US – Nielsen has launched Everyday Analytics, a suite of analytics to help FMCG manufacturers measure conditions affecting price, promotion, advertising and innovation.


Using the same models as in Nielsen’s custom analytics, the company said this tool was more consistent, continuously updated and self-service and would also be better suited to smaller brands.

The first offering to launch within the Nielsen Everyday Analytics suite will allow FMCG sales teams to more effectively and immediately adapt and optimise their retailer account strategies.

The company said while historically sales teams have resisted analytics when they are too complex and confusing, this tool requires limited training because of its in-built guide system.

Jeanne Danubio, head of marketing and sales effectiveness for lead markets at Nielsen, said: “Through our more scalable models and easier-to-use tools, it’s now possible for clients to give more of their people access to high-calibre analytics for their everyday decisions. As a result, they can be more nimble and more adaptive to changing market conditions with the benefit of fact-based decision-making whenever they need it.”

New tools within the Nielsen Everyday Analytics suite will be added through 2017 in the US, Canada and multiple European markets.