NEWS23 March 2017

Nielsen launches FMCG innovation tool

FMCG Innovations News North America

US – Nielsen has released Quick Screen, an overnight innovation tool so FMCG manufacturers can quickly test new product ideas.

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Brands can test their ideas with Quick Screen’s choice-based method; ideas are ranked by category-engaged consumers on relevance, uniqueness and other aspects linked to long-term market success. The tool is supported by the Nielsen Innovation Studio platform.

Jenny Frazier, senior vice-president of Nielsen’s Innovation practice, said: "Our clients are experiencing tremendous pressure to bring new products to market that solve problems for everyday consumers.

"Often the cost and time investment required to test new ideas can be prohibitive – leading brands to miss or skip steps in the early stages of innovation. As a result, nearly half of innovations that brands test do not meet a consumer need – setting the stage for product failure, instead of a product success."