NEWS12 November 2013

Nielsen melds card data with online activity for ‘precision marketing’

Data analytics North America

US — Nielsen has today launched a new tool that combines credit-card purchase data with online behavioural data to help advertisers target people based on their buying habits.


The ‘Nielsen Buyer Insights – Precision Marketing’ tool has so far signed four digital advertising platforms as clients, who in turn will offer this data to their clients to enable buyer-segmented audience targeting, ranging from category level to heavy buyers of a single merchant.

“We see this as a huge step for digital precision marketing,” said Nada Bradbury, Nielsen’s senior vice president of global media products. “Clients can see syndicated data exposing the reach and frequency of their ads layered with actual consumer shopping behaviour.”

Credit card purchase data is derived from Nielsen’s own panel, and is anonymised and privacy-protected, the company said.

Specific Media is one of the first Precision Marketing customers. Jill Botway, president of global sales and marketing, said: “Connecting with consumers is increasingly more complicated; yet, with new technologies that allow us to create a link between offline and online by harnessing insights from aggregated data, retailers can build direct connections with consumers to deliver messages and offers that will resonate.”