NEWS4 May 2010

Nielsen buys video analytics partner GlanceGuide

M&A North America

US— Nielsen has acquired its video analytics technology partner GlanceGuide in a move that ties in with its ‘extended screen’ TV measurement plan.

Nielsen first tapped GlanceGuide as a video measurement tool last year. The company’s technology comes as an API which is integrated with media players, where it sits and tracks more than 20 user events, including viewing duration, use of the play/pause button, changes in sound playback levels and whether a video is shown full-screen.

This data feeds into a composite ‘attentiveness’ score for the video content or ad in question. Nielsen plans to meld that sort of data with “demographic insights” to help media companies and marketers understand how difference groups of consumers respond to online video and advertising.

Attentiveness scores may also find their way into Nielsen’s ‘extended screen’ measurement reports, which aim to show how the same piece of content performed on TV versus how it performed online.

Terms of the acquisition have not been revealed. Dave Osborn (pictured), Nielsen’s senior vice president of online product leadership, said: “GlanceGuide is a leader and innovator in video technology and analytics, so this was a natural and exciting extension of Nielsen’s current offerings to the advertising community.”