NEWS24 February 2016

Nichols Research under new ownership

M&A News North America

US — California-based firm Nichols Research has been purchased by AMS Ventures, a company established by three of the firm’s partners. 

Nichols Research crop

The purchase was made with the intention of ‘broadening the depth and breadth of the company’s reputation, products and services'.

AMS Ventures was established by Amy Shields, Michael Mermelstein and Steve Zuppas. Shields will take the role of president, Mermelstein will be executive vice president, and Zuppas will be chief financial officer. 

“With the infusion of a fun new culture and a revitalised strategic plan, Nichols Research promises to continue to provide the premium service the brand name has demanded for almost four decades, while also expanding our services, investing in technology and looking to the future in order to provide more valuable answers than ever for decision-making,” said Shields.