NEWS21 June 2024

New Toluna quality testing sees 30% rise in pre-survey rejections

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UK – A new suite of quality-control measures launched by Toluna to build client trust and improve data is already filtering out significant numbers of responses at an early stage, the company says.


QSphere, a set of AI and human-powered protocols is being applied to respondent recruitment and management, research, and platform processes to ensure the highest standards in data integrity and reliability.

Toluna says that it now rejects over 30% more survey attempts at the pre-survey stage than 12 months ago, saving clients in the post-survey data cleaning phase, and improving the quality of data on which they can base decisions.

Real-time algorithms use AI and machine learning-based device, behaviour, and identity checks as part of a multi-layered fraud defence system to vet respondents. Automated research execution tools, quality checks, and AI-driven data cleaning are complemented with human monitoring and data verification.

“By ensuring our best-in-class quality controls are ‘always on’, we provide our clients with the utmost confidence in their data integrity,” said Toluna CEO Frederic-Charles Petit.