NEWS9 October 2013

New technology introduced as demand for mobile surveys grows

North America Technology

US — Over 40 per cent of survey respondents across US and Europe now access surveys via their mobile device, according to the latest figures from market research software solutions company Kinesis Survey Technologies.

But with completion rates on these devices sitting at only 7 per cent, it is vital for market research firms to adapt to the mobile environment.

“Each quarter continues to show solid growth in mobile traffic,” sayd Tariq Mirza, Kinesis’s European MD. “We are beyond the tipping point now.” The survey participation figures are taken from Kinesis’s latest white paper, in which they outline their belief that “inattention to making projects ‘mobile friendly’ will introduce unprecedented annoyance to market research respondents.” They believe that this could harm the industry as a whole.

In a move to address this, MR technology firm Federated Sample has announced that Fulcrum, their sample management and exchange platform, is now fully optimised to detect, route and render on almost any device, including desktop, tablet and mobile.

Federated Sample CEO Patrick Comer says: “Our industry is moving toward a mobile reality, and we want to make sure our technology is ready to support our clients through this transition.”