NEWS26 June 2009

New agency shines light on online consumers

Europe News

GERMANY— A new research agency is aiming to help companies understand and make the most of their online customers.

Munich-based Webmarkets-today has been set up by researchers Dirk Otto and Christoph Wein, and will focus on the German-language internet.

“Experience has shown that traditional data on audience reach and composition, like page impressions or visits, isn’t enough to get a complete picture of online markets,” said Otto.

Wein added: “On the basis of market segments and other important indicators, we can identify developments and trends for every web market and so create a solid basis for investment decisions.”

Otto has worked as an independent consultant since last year, having previously held various research and sales roles with media firms including SBS Broadcasting and German pay TV operator Premiere. Wein also worked at Premiere, as well as handling research for KirchGruppe.