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Netflix, Amazon and Apple lead on loyalty

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US — Video streaming platform Netflix has taken first place in Brand Keys’ 2015 Loyalty Leaders list, where 85% of the top 20 is made up of digital, social and online brands.


According to results from the survey, Amazon (tablets) has taken second place, while Apple takes third and fourth place with its smartphone and tablet offers respectively, and Facebook comes in fifth.

With regard to category composition, 13% of the top 100 loyalty leaders are social networking brands, 10% are automotive brands and 9% are traditional retail brands.

“This year certain categories rose to the top because of the high levels of engagement that consumers show and their ability to deliver better than their competition when it comes to consumers’ increased expectations in virtually everything,” said Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys’ founder and president. “This was particularly true for streaming video brands, with Netflix moving to #1, Amazon and iTunes in the top 20, and HBO GO appearing for the first time.”

Brand and customer loyalty and engagement research consultancy Brand Keys gathered assessments from around 40,000 consumers aged between 18-65 in the nine US Census Regions.

The full list and findings can be accessed here.


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8 years ago

Netflix, a company who does not enforce loyalty is top of a loyalty chart. It would be interesting to see how well this predicts retention and 'drive real profits'. Was the data crossed with business data or respondent intent? You would expect that brands with fixed contracts (12months +) would overcome consumer drivers and receive high retention and loyalty rates.

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