NEWS5 December 2013

Nearbuy Systems acquired by RetailNext

M&A North America

US — In-store analytics company RetailNext has announced that it has acquired Nearbuy systems, a provider of location-based Wi-Fi analytics.

Nearbuy uses a retailer’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure “to engage valuable omnichannel shoppers with opt-in guest Wi-Fi, create a single view of customer behaviour channels, and influence purchases while they are in the store through personalised campaigns.” The company is based in California.

“We are thrilled to join the RetailNext team where we can contribute to building the most advanced in-store analytics platform for retailers around the world,” said Bryan Wargo, CEO of Nearbuy Systems.

“We are confident that with the combination of top-tier talent and the common drive for innovation, we have the opportunity to continue developing cutting-edge technology that will enable retailers to gain unprecedented insights into their stores.”


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10 years ago

It always concerns me when I see tools that utilise WiFi, NFC and GPS on smartphones and then say that they are "engaging" with the consumer. I stop and wonder how many people know that they are being tracked without knowing it. I also wonder if they know how to turn NFC and GPS off (i.e. their default position is ... I am trackable). I many be a sticker, but if you were really engaging them wouldn't you specifically and individually ask for their permission to participate? I am in no way insinuating that this is what is happening in this instance. I would appreciate others thoughts and opinions.

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