NEWS3 September 2018

NatCen Methodology and Innovation hub launches

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UK – The National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) has launched its Methodology and Innovation hub.

Announced earlier in the year, the hub will be led by NatCen’s director of methods, Gerry Nicolaas, who joined the company in August.

The centre will offer independent advice on best practice and develop methodologies and new approaches to social research.

It will draw on the experience of NatCen’s researchers and operational staff with the aim of improving cooperation with the wider research community, including government, academic and private institutions.

Nicolaas, who was previously head of data collection methodology at the Ipsos Mori Research Methods Centre, said: “I am delighted to take forward NatCen’s Methodology and Innovation hub, which will offer invaluable, applicable advice. This is a fantastic opportunity to project the organisation into the future of methodology and innovation.”