NEWS22 July 2016

Multi-screeners notice more advertising

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UK — Those that browse the internet, shop online, text and check social media while watching TV are more observant of advertising than average, according to research. 

The data comes from YouGov Profiles, YouGov’s segmentation and media planning product.  It reveals that multi-screeners – a group who are roughly two-thirds female and 50% fall between the ages of 18-34 – are significantly more likely to notice ads on public transportation than the general public ( 64% compared wih 50%). 

They're also more likely to notice ads in newspapers and magazines ( 62% vs. 51%) and on billboards showing dynamic content ( 57% vs 46%). 

Multi-screeners also appear more receptive to the opinions of others, whether that’s experts, online strangers or peers. 

'[...]while people who stare at multiple screens tend to get a reputation for being distracted and fickle, data shows they might possess a greater capacity to both consume and process more information than one screen can offer,’ the blog posts outlining the results said.

'For the vigilant multi-screener, then, what might come across as too much discordant noise for the typical consumer is actually a harmony of sensible sound.'