NEWS9 May 2019

MRI-Simmons launches media sales analysis tool

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US – MRI-Simmons, the joint venture formed by the merger of GfK’s MRI division and Simmons Research, has launched a partnership exploration and audience analysis tool.

The automated Sales Catalyst tool is built on the Simmons platform and can be used by advertising sales, partnership and sponsorship teams to gain insights on the overlap between their target audience and potential commercial partners.

Researchers can also use it to assess the media properties, segments and content that are likely to be most effective for a specific audience, and benchmark audiences against those of competitors.

Anna Welch, president of MRI-Simmons, said the technology allows researchers and marketers to “extract a compelling story about their audience” and “illustrate that story for ad sales teams to identify and pitch new partners”.

The merger between GfK’s MRI division and SymphonyAI’s Simmons Research was announced in February.