NEWS30 May 2019

MRI-Simmons and EthniFacts partner for targeting tool

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US – MRI-Simmons has joined forces with consumer insight firm, EthniFacts, to create a tool for richer, more personal targeting strategies based on personality profiles.

The Big 5 Personality Suite separates people into 10 segments based on deeply held desires, aversions and other motivations. Users can identify consumers based on their openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and emotional stability – then use this insight for communications based on MRI’s consumer database.

Anna Welch, president of MRI-Simmons, said: “To target effectively in this cluttered environment, we need to understand consumers from the inside out. The best campaigns and products are based not just on generations and geographies, but also on deeply held preferences and desires.” 

MRI-Simmons was launched as a joint venture this year and is co-owned by GfK and SymphonyAI Group.