NEWS29 June 2020

MRC updates invalid traffic standards

Media News North America

US – Measurement services body the Media Rating Council has updated its standards on online invalid traffic threats and other related issues.

graphic of multiple media screens

The rules, called Invalid traffic (IVT) detection and filtration standards, were originally issued in 2015, and have now been comprehensively overhauled to account for new developments over the past five years.

The IVT standards bring industry measurement standards for the filtration and disclosure of invalid traffic in line with emerging risks in the current digital media environment, and aim to ensure online traffic measurers have processes to detect and assess new invalid traffic scenarios.

New additions and revisions include around the treatment and disclosure of purchased and acquired traffic, and requirements to disclose a ‘decision rate’ metric covering the percentages of impressions intended for measurement where sufficient information was obtained to make a valid or invalid decision.

Current MRC-accredited digital measurers have a one-year grace period to comply with the updated standards.

The full standards can be viewed here