NEWS18 April 2019

MRC and CMAC outline China audience measurement plan

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US & CHINA – The Media Rating Council (MRC) and the China Media Assessment Council (CMAC) have established a joint agenda to validate digital audience measurement in China.

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The two organisations have been working together to set governance structures for the digital advertising environment in the country.

One of the priorities for 2019 is to complete the assessment and accreditation of tools provided by Nielsen and Miaozhen measuring digital advertising audiences.  

AdMaster’s TrackMaster service was initially also being audited but was withdrawn from the MRC accreditation process last year.

The bodies also want to promote the development of industry tools to guard against invalid traffic and digital ad fraud in China, such as include and exclude lists, data centre threat lists and threshold guidance.

Audits will also be expanded to include metrics such as ad impressions, search, location-based metrics and ad performance.

A joint working group of CMAC and MRC members will focus on improving standards including cross-media measurement and media value metrics, and conduct regular meetings aimed a educating the industry on measurement, quality and transparency.

CMAC is an independent working unit within the China Advertising Association. It will eventually take full responsibility for China’s measurement governance, which is currently a joint function with the MRC.