NEWS13 June 2011

Motista launches ‘customer connection’ tool

Data analytics North America

US— Online research startup Motista has launched a new version of its ‘customer connection’ research product, which is being made generally available for the first time.

Motista’s web-based Consumer Connection Environment is designed to help companies understand the motivations that lie behind customer’s decisions to buy or recommend a product or brand.

The firm, co-founded by Scott Magids and Alan Zorfas (pictured) in 2007, started out by conducting a study of consumer motivations involving more than 100,000 respondents, correlating emotional responses to brands with business outcomes.

It continues to survey 100,000 people per quarter in online intercept surveys looking at how customer connections are driving business for particular brands and sectors. Companies can subscribe to the service on an annual basis.

Motista aims to offer a service that is quicker than conventional research and more comprehensive than social media tracking. Zorfas told Research: “We’re focused on making consumer connection actionable for marketers. We had to make the data something that you can take to a CFO.”