NEWS29 April 2013

Monolith appoints advisor ahead of launch

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ESTONIA — Shopper analytics company Monolith has appointed Salesforce chief scientist JP Rangaswami as advisor prior to its official launch on Friday.

Rangaswami joins Oliver Rothschild, chairman of Rothschild Corporate Advisors, and Theodor Forbath, VP of innovation at frog design, on Monolith’s team of advisers.

Monolith is a start-up company that uses Microsoft Kinnect technology as well as behavioural science insights to track, in real-time, information about how many people viewed a particular ad and the attention span of each viewer.

In an introductory video, Monolith CEO Martin Birac (pictured) commented: “If you know how to position all fixtures in an optimum way, you could really take control of how shoppers are exposed to every selling opportunity. Current tools are not enough to analyse and solve problems in bricks and mortars.”