NEWS18 August 2015

Mobile offers ‘nearly double ROI over TV’

Asia Pacific News

CHINA — A recent study suggests brands could achieve “significant improvements in campaign performance” if they increase their share of spending on mobile to between 8-15%.

The study, by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) for The Coca-Cola company in China, assessed the economic value of mobile compared with traditional marketing channels.

It found that when mobile represents 8% of budget, it drives 7% of profit, but when it represents 15%, it drives 16% of profits.

The study also found that mobile offered nearly double the ROI over TV and was twice as efficient in driving sales compared with the campaign on average. It also came out as being almost three times as effective than TV or digital video.

“It is a great data set for marketers to reassess and optimise their spending with the most impactful allocations in their marketing mix, while leveraging mobile with double digit spend,” said Rohit Dadwal, managing director of the MMA in Asia Pacific.

“As an industry, it is time we learned the effectiveness of the channel to aid marketers with their ambitions, and kept pace with consumers to understand the power of mobile.”