NEWS3 October 2011

Mobile media needs ‘solid metrics', says IAB

North America

US— Cookies are unreliable; server logs are stymied; the ecosystem is fragmented and privacy concerns loom large – none of which changes the fact that mobile advertising needs a standardised set of measurements, according to a new IAB paper.

The trade body commissioned Radar Research to review the state of the mobile market, and found huge growth in advertising spend despite measurement shortcomings.

IAB board member and Millennial Media vice president Erin McKelvey said: “If we want to keep the momentum going we need to heed this report’s call to create clearly defined sets of standardised measurements for mobile. With solid metrics at our side, the potential for mobile could be unprecedented.

The full paper is online here.


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13 years ago

uh... I hate to have to point this out, but they haven't even sorted standardised metrics for online advertising. One step at a time eh guys?

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