NEWS18 August 2014

Mobile has ‘changed the boundaries of social acceptability’

News UK

UK — Young people don’t behave or think in the same way as they did ten years ago, according to research into the impact of digital disruption from Havas Media Labs and Weve.

The study revealed that 74% of 16-24 year olds said they need to have their mobile phones with them at all times, and two thirds said they will check their phone when out with friends or colleagues if there is a lull in the conversation. Other findings among 16-24 year olds were:

  • 79% agree that it is acceptable to use their mobile phones on the toilet
  • 81% agree it is acceptable to use their mobile in quiet zones, e.g. on a train or in a library
  • 29% ( 38% of 25-34s) agree that is it completely or sometimes acceptable to use their mobile phone in a work meeting
  • 77% think it is either completely or sometimes acceptable to use their mobile phones during a conversation with friends or family
  • 69% use their smartphones to take photos of themselves compared to only 11% of 55+
  • 22% ( 25% of 25-34s) agree that they judge people by the type of mobile phone that they own

Findings were based on 3,000 interviews with UK 16-65+ year olds during May 2014.

“The fact that mobile phones are so hugely important to people isn’t a new finding,” said Nigel Clarkson, commercial director at mobile marketing and commerce company Weve said. “What is interesting though is a shift to almost total dependence on the mobile for so many different utilities and services. Given the contextual capabilities of mobile, like location data, immediacy, and presence in apps and content sites, we believe there is still so much more the marketing community can do to fully take advantage of this huge cultural shift in behaviour.

“This study with Havas recognises the importance of mobiles in people’s lives. Our job is to translate that into real marketing insight.”