NEWS1 June 2016

Mobile adblocking sees 90% increase in 12 months

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GLOBAL — More than one fifth of smartphone users globally are now blocking ads, almost twice as many as a year ago, according to a new report. 

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The report, Adblocking Goes Mobile, was produced by PageFair, a company that helps publishers circumvent adblockers.

It reveals that at least 419m people are now blocking ads, which is a 90% increase in 12 months. This figure does not include content blocking apps, in-app adblockers, and opt-in browser adblockers. Adblocking browsers are reportedly the dominant method of adblocking, used by 408m people worldwide. 

Mobile adblocking is most prevalent in China, with 159m users of mobile adblocking browsers. In India, this figure wass 122m, and in Indonesia, 38m. Overall, 36% of smartphone users in Asia Pacific were using an adblocking browser. While the region accounted for 55% of global smartphone users, it accounted for 93% of adblocking browser usage. 

In Europe and North America there were 14m monthly active users of mobile adblocking browsers. 

"Mobile adblocking is a serious threat to the future of media and journalism in emerging markets, where people are coming online for the first time via relatively expensive or slow mobile connections," the report said. "Usage in western economies is likely to grow as more manufacturers and browsers start to include adblocking as a feature."

All figures were correct as of March 2016.