NEWS19 August 2016

Fraud and ad blockers undermining integrity of metrics, says Fulgoni

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US — Co-founder/ chairman emeritus of comScore, Gian Fulgoni, has written an article claiming that invalid traffic (IVT) and ad blocking are combining to ‘undermine the effectiveness of every other performance and effectiveness metric’ in digital marketing.

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The article, Fraud in Digital Advertising, in the Journal of Advertising Research, cites a report from the Association of National Advertisers estimating that marketers will waste around $7bn globally in 2016 through buying ads that no-one sees. 

Related to this wasted spending, there is decreased return on investment and a lack of transparency into the drivers of performance, Fulgoni wrote, as well as a missed opportunity for advertisements to have an impact. 

Fulgoni said that for media sellers, IVT causes a "lack of trust in the value of their inventory" and "damage to their relationships with buyers", among other negative consequences. 

He claims that buyers of advertising should "use campaign measurement tools that accurately identify all forms of non-viewable advertisements, including both general and sophisticated IVT" and should be "insisting on viewable audience guarantees".