NEWS27 November 2013

Mindshare and Shazam launch app to ‘leverage brand audio assets’

Technology UK

UK — Mindshare and Shazam have announced the launch of an app designed to leverage brands’ audio assets.

AUDIO+ is a program to help brands “audit, map and capitalise on the sound-based elements of their global advertising campaigns.”

Mindshare and Shazam will work together with Mindshare clients to drive consumer interactions via second screen mobile devices using the Shazam app. The app uses audio content recognition (ACR) software to identify any of a brand’s audio assets from TV, radio and in-store adverts and connect the consumer to a tailored mobile experience for the campaign.

The companies claim that by auditing, mapping and then leveraging a brand’s audio assets, clients will have access to insights into the ROI of their sound-based assets.

Mindshare worldwide CEO Nick Emery said: “Brands have spent the last twelve months optimising their owned assets for search – text, images, video etc. They now need to look at the broader brand territory around sound given the rise of technologies like Shazam. TV and online video is an audio visual experience, it’s time that brands were given the power to leverage the audio, not just the picture.”

More information on AUDIO+ can be found here.