NEWS16 May 2016

Millennials and video ads: a love-hate relationship

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US — Millennials are more than twice as likely than any other demographic to share video ads, but are also the most likely to install ad blockers, according to new research. 

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According to a study by video ad tech company Unruly, 18-34 year olds are 112% more likely to share ads online than any other demographic. They are also apparently 23% more likely to enjoy ads they find relevant.

However, they have also been revealed to be the most likely to install ad blockers and put video ads on mute. The key reasons given by millennials for considering ad blockers are that they feel they see too many ads ( 59%); they see the same ads over and over ( 49%); and they feel ‘creeped out’ by ads that follow them around ( 43%). 

Another key finding was that millennials demand authenticity from brands: 74% of them say they will lose trust in a brand if the ad feels fake. 

“For advertisers wanting to connect with millennials, this is a high-risk, high-reward demographic," said Unruly’s co-CEO Sarah Wood.

"Millennials are digital-first trendsetters. Get it right with this uber-connected audience and you have the potential to unlock widespread reach and powerful advocacy. Get it wrong and they are unforgiving: if you appear inauthentic or interrupt them with ads, they will actively avoid your brand.”

Findings were taken from Unruly’s Future Video Survey, which gathered views from 3,200 global respondents, and Unruly Pulse, powered by the company’s first-party data on emotional advertising. Further findings can be accessed here