NEWS2 September 2016

Video ad spend to overtake static formats within five years

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UK — The majority of UK media professionals anticipate that spend on video ads will overtake static ad formats in the next two to five years, according to a new study.

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The report, UK Mobile & Video Advertising Truths, is based on a survey of 120 digital marketing professionals by ExchangeWire Research.

The results revealed that 95% of media buyers and 89% of media sellers believed that video ad spend will overtake spend on static formats in five years’ time. A smaller but still sizeable number felt this could happen within two years ( 42% sellers; 36% buyers). 

There was some disagreement between the two cohorts over whether publishers are currently doing enough to maximise the potential of mobile video advertising: 75% of media buyers felt that they were, but only 40% of media sellers agreed. 

In terms of the merits of video advertising, 83% of buyers and 72% of sellers said it was more engaging than traditional banners. The difference between these views, the report claimed, was a result of differing definitions of the idea of ‘value'.