NEWS24 September 2009

Microsoft invites brands through the LookingGlass

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US— Microsoft is planning a move into social media analysis with a new tool, code-named LookingGlass.

The tool is at proof-of-concept stage right now, said Microsoft’s AdCenter community manager Mel Carson, writing in his blog.

It is designed to allow companies to listen in to, participate in and analyse social media content and conversations. Carson gives the example of the Zune HD marketing team listening in to what people are saying about the portable media player on various sites, with each mention of the brand automatically rated as either positive or negative.

“The team could use LookingGlass to post a quick response on Twitter or Facebook,” said Carson. “With all that information, businesses will be able to participate in conversations taking place on the social web or start new ones. At a glance, they’ll be able to see a spike in activity and to pinpoint how their campaigns are being received.”

LookingGlass was demoed yesterday at Advertising Week in New York. Click here for the video.


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11 years ago

There was a very good discussion on the similar venture being touted by Seth Godin (Brands in Public): You need to think about the amount of conversation your brands/products/services creates and the resources you will need to deploy to: Sort the wheat from the chaff Structure the comments - complaints/critcisms/recommendations/questions etc. Organise how you are going to respond to these. Leverage and share the insight you can gain from them Distill and implement the actions you can take from that insight. If your brands/products/services create a great deal of comment and you don't do the above, it will be like trying to herd cats.

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