NEWS18 January 2013

MediaResearch named founding member for CNP SNaP merger

Europe Features

CZECH REPUBLIC — MediaResearch has been named as the founding member of the combined joined Czech and Slovakian National Panels (CNP SNaP). The merger of the two online panels was completed earlier this month.

The merger sees the Czech National Panel’s 60,000 respondents combined with the Slovak National Panel’s 25,000 respondents and will be opened up to MediaResearch customers who want to conduct surveys covering both European markets. Other agencies who will work on the CNP SNaP scheme are NMS Market Research and Stem/Mark.

Tomáš Hyn?ica, head of commercial department at MediaResearch, said: “We have other information about our respondents in addition to the basic socio-demographic data, such as data for healthcare, automotive, mobile phones, business, personal finance, tourism, shopping habits and media. This knowledge allows us to target research more precisely and speeds the collection of quota-weighted data and therefore reduces the price of research.”