NEWS26 June 2015

MEC borrows predictive techniques from epidemiology

Europe News

FRANCE — Media agency MEC has unveiled a new predictive modelling technique in Cannes.

MEC Velocity is a technique used to create purchase journey simulations and predict consumer behaviour and interactions with brands. According to the announcement, the technique is borrowed from epidemiology, the study of the patterns and causes of health and disease conditions.

MEC Velocity builds on MEC Momentum, the agency’s approach to understanding and quantifying how consumers make purchase decisions. MEC Momentum was launched in Cannes two years ago and has examined the purchase decisions of 200,000 consumers to date.

“With MEC Velocity we’ve taken the leap into predictive marketing and given our clients access to a new way of thinking and planning that will have an enormous impact on their advertising, brand and business growth,” said James Northway, head of MEC Analytics and Insight EMEA (pictured).

“The beauty of MEC Velocity is that as we, thanks to the increasing number of MEC Momentum studies, add more rich data sets to our model, we become more and more accurate in our predictions.”