NEWS7 May 2020

Measure Protocol creates new data sharing tool

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UK – Ethical data marketplace Measure Protocol has launched a new passive mobile device data collection tool.

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The tool operates within the company’s MSR data collection app, and allows users to enable anonymous passive behavioural data collection.

Users are allowed to retain control over their data privacy, according to Measure Protocol, and can choose whether or not to participate in the data collection.

The tool is available for Android devices, and collects information such as websites visited, apps used, media consumption, shopping habits and social media engagement.

Users can earn ‘points’ in the app if they agree to their data being collected on a monthly basis.

Owen Hanks, chief executive of Measure Protocol, said: “Consumers conduct much of their communication, shopping and other activities on their mobile devices.

“The choice to share is entirely up to users, and they are more willing to do so than one might think. Last year in Measure’s pilot program, 78% of participants expressed interest to connect to passive data collection for appropriate rewards.”