NEWS28 May 2021

Measure Protocol creates data tool

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UK – Ethical data marketplace Measure Protocol has launched a consumer-based behavioural data platform.

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Storefront will allow companies, marketers and researchers access to proprietary data products that provide insights into individuals’ actions, purchases and consumption.

Measure Protocol already runs a data tool called Retro, which gathers in-app data directly from customers within a privacy-orientated environment.

Storefront can examine device and app usage, in-app purchases and account-level media consumption, and data can be explored at an industry specific level, with categories for areas such as groceries, utilities, finance and shopping.

Owen Hanks, chief executive of Measure Protocol, said: “The ability for brands to access consumer data has become increasingly difficult, restricted, and often completely out of reach due to the rise of new privacy protocols, plus a general lack of trust among consumers.

“We felt that building Storefront was a necessity to allow easy access to this solution and its behavioural data.”