NEWS8 October 2019

Maru/Matchbox releases visual semiotics tool

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CANADA – Tech-based global insights business Maru/Matchbox has launched a visual semiotics tool, Brand Emotion, available on its proprietary tech platform, Maru/Hub.

Ged Parton crop

Brand Emotion analyses thousands of images to help companies understand what emotions their brand evokes in their consumers. 

Maru/Matchbox tested more than 100 global brands among 12,000 consumers to determine their emotional signatures. Among its findings were that financial services brand, American Express, was seen as intelligent and superior, demonstrating a level of authority, while Google was viewed as optimistic, insightful and cooperative.

Maru Group CEO Ged Parton (pictured) said: “Consumers are more open to messaging when the message is delivered in the same emotional wrapper as they perceive the brand. By understanding how different audiences feel about a brand we can use the emotional signature to tailor communications with those consumers using the same emotional elements.”