NEWS12 July 2016

Maru/edr unveils visual semiotics research tool

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UK — Maru/edr has expanded its voice of the customer offer with the launch of a visual semiotics solution to measure and quantify emotional reactions. 

The online method is intended to allow users to measure and quantify non-conscious reactions to stimuli using the Emotional Positioning System methodology. 

It can be used to test concepts, designs and communications or as part of a voice of the customer or panel programme. It is fully integrated with Maru/edr’s survey platform. 

“We’re excited to introduce visual semiotics as the newest addition to our expanding product offering," said Crispin Boon, research director at Maru/edr.

"Emotion has taken centre stage this year with many claiming 2016 to be the year of emotion, so it is fitting that we are able to offer businesses a way of quantifying and truly understanding consumers’ emotional response."