NEWS3 December 2009

Market Rates Insight launches financial services tracking report

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US— Market Rates Insight has launched a report that allows consumers to compare products in the financial services sector.

The report, BenchmarkBuilder, is part of the firm’s MyRI web-based research portal and allows users to compare their financial products with other banking and savings accounts against the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s national rate.

Data is presented in a colour-coded comparison line graph for quick analysis.

Market Rates Insight’s CEO, Rick Barham (pictured) said: “BenchmarkBuilder is a great tool to give you a snapshot of where your products fall in relation to the FDIC and competitive market rates. And for banks the FDIC categorises as undercapitalised, it’s an ideal solution to make sure your rates comply with the new mandatory FDIC rate cap.”


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13 years ago

But the problem is that their rates are not accurate. What good does the data do if the rates are not accurate?

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