NEWS23 March 2023

Market Logic Software develops AI assistant

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GERMANY – Insights management business Market Logic Software has launched an artificial intelligence assistant trained to answer business questions about market research and intelligence.

Screengrab of DeepSights AI tool developed by Market Logic Software

The tool, ‘DeepSights’, is based on OpenAI’s large language model GPT and can respond to users’ questions using generated natural language answers, including links to sources.

Market Logic Software previously developed and beta-tested the tool with several clients, but has now made it available to all users of its insights management platform.

The company said the tool will reduce the time insights professionals spend on manually responding to internal requests for information.

‘DeepSights’ can be added into applications including Microsoft Teams and is primarily aimed at those working in innovation, product management and marketing teams.

Olaf Lenzmann, chief innovation and product officer at Market Logic Software, said: “Business leaders are recognising that their organisations could perform very differently if their people had access to trusted and relevant insights in the moment.

“Accessing these insights will simply involve asking DeepSights a question in the same way as they would speak with a colleague on an MS Teams chat.” 

Lenzmann added: “DeepSights allows decision-makers to access trusted and contextualised insights in real-time.” 

Headquartered in Berlin, Market Logic Software offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) insights management tools.