NEWS11 June 2013

Maritz Research offers mystery shoppers for bank compliance

News North America

US — Maritz Research has launched a mystery shopper programme to help financial institutions avoid penalties or fines from non-compliance with regulations.

CrowsNest is designed to offer an independent assessment to aid banks, credit card providers and mortgage services to proactively monitor compliance with regulatory processes and procedures when dealing with customers.

Maritz Research’s network includes more than 90,000 mystery shoppers who are trained to assess the actions of front-line employees and the shoppers can audit for compliance vulnerabilities and give financial services providers the opportunity to make immediate improvements.

“As hefty fines continue to be levied against financial institutions, complying with regulatory guidelines tops executives’ lists of concerns and challenges,” said Michael Matza, senior strategic consulting director of the Financial Services Research Group at Maritz Research. “CrowsNest addresses these concerns by pinpointing highly vulnerable areas – like confusing terms and conditions – before they become a problem.”