NEWS15 September 2021

Macromill launches consumer survey in Taiwan

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JAPAN – Tokyo-based online marketing research firm Macromill has expanded its weekly consumer sentiment survey to Taiwan.

Taipei skyline

Macromill Weekly Index Asia already covered China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam before the addition of Taiwan, and provides data on consumer sentiment and consumption trends across the six markets.

The surveys are run online, published using business intelligence tool Tableau and have been run by Macromill since July 2020.

Macromill’s consumer panels in Japan include more than 1.3 million people, and the company has 50 offices in 21 countries.

A statement from Macromill said: “To further meet our users’ needs, we have included Taiwan in surveys and are now publishing data on six countries.

“Taiwan is one of the most important markets in Asia, and many Japanese companies have established a presence there.”