NEWS17 May 2021

Macromill creates life science business

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JAPAN – Global marketing research and digital marketing firm Macromill has launched a life science business to examine health promotion and disease prevention.

Healthcare data abstract image

The life science business will use Macromill’s consumer panels in Japan, which include more than 1.3 million people, to examine behavioural, awareness and attribute data about healthcare in the country.

It is also looking to expand its work on measuring and analysing brain processes, heart rate, gaze and other biological responses to external stimuli.

Specifically, Macromill will create a system for acquiring biochemical data with the consent of the consumer panels to support clinical trials and to build and use a health database.

A statement from the company said: “The healthcare industry faces many challenges including encouraging people with little or no interest in health to use their services, calculating the cost-benefit performance of healthcare services and convincing consumers of the need for paid-for healthcare services in addition to public medical services.

“Overcoming these challenges requires showcasing service functionality based on strong and objective evidence, as well as creating business models that make maximum use of data.”