NEWS8 March 2023

Lumivero and itracks join forces on qualitative research tech

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US & CANADA – Data analytics and insights software company Lumivero has partnered with online qualitative services business itracks, with the aim of bringing together qual data collection and analysis.

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Denver-based Lumivero is the developer of qualitative data analysis software NVivo, while Canadian business itracks’ software platforms include itracks Realtime, used for conducting virtual focus groups and interviews.

In the long-term, the companies intend to fully integrate their software through the partnership, which would mean qual researchers using the platforms would have one login to conduct data collection and analysis.

In the shorter term, the companies said their partnership would benefit researchers by: allowing for easier focus group organisation; offering joint webinars, articles and educational materials focused on the transition between data collection and analysis; and releasing new tools in both platforms.

Gareth Morrison, chief executive, Lumivero, said: “This collaboration between NVivo and itracks will help streamline the qualitative research process and allow users more time to ask complex questions of their data.”

Garnette Weber, chief executive and co-founder of itracks, said: “Data collection is only half the story. To be synching up with a product that has such powerful capabilities to interpret that data is going to help the researchers we work with get much closer to realising the full potential of online qual.”

Lumivero was formed in October 2022 from the merger of data software providers QSR International, Palisade and Addinsoft, backed by private equity firm TA.