NEWS19 October 2017

Lucid launches machine learning tool for samples

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US – Market research tech and software company Lucid has released Reach, a machine learning tool so users of its Fulcrum sample platform can get instant feasibility and pricing.

Patrick Comer_crop

Users define their audience, survey length and targeted number of completes and then Reach can determine the viability and cost, based on the past 45 million survey completes on Fulcrum.

Reach is built using Google’s TensorFlow platform and uses neural networks to continuously analyse 45,000 qualifications. It learns and adapts to trends that are happening within the Fulcrum marketplace in real time.  

Patrick Comer (pictured), founder and CEO of Lucid said: “Reach has solved a major pain point for the programmatic sample marketplace: feasibility and price.

“Its launch is the latest example of Lucid’s focus on moving the sample industry forward with groundbreaking technology and solutions. Training the Reach neural network is a major accomplishment for the Lucid engineering and data teams.”

Reach is currently available in the US.