NEWS9 October 2009

Linkdex launches with $1m private equity funding

North America Technology

US— A new agency providing search intelligence for marketers has been launched after receiving $1m in funding from Amadeus and Angels Seed Fund.

The new firm, Linkdex, launches with a beta version of its first tool, SearchDNA, which lets users identify relevant sites from a trillion links.

Linkdex said it was “created by and for marketers” and promises to provide a better picture of the web and tools to understand search engines better.

The founder and CEO of the new firm is John Straw, who was previously a marketing consultant for clients including Audi, Rolls-Royce, Hertz and Fiat. He is supported by chief technology officer John Woods.

Straw said: “Until SearchDNA, if you needed to build and work link-relationships with authoritative sites, you’ve been flying blind. We go hundreds of billions of links beyond those offered by all of the major engines and then allow users to simulate search algorithms.”