NEWS2 July 2010

Lawrence F Bailey to shut shop in September

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UK— Research agency Lawrence F Bailey and Associates is to close its doors at the end of September, as owner Lawrence Bailey concentrates on his role as a marketing and research lecturer at Leeds Business School.

The Research and Psychology Training (RAPT) project run by the firm as a training resource for researchers will also close.

Bailey (pictured), who has been in research for 33 years, said: “All good things need to end some time. I and my colleagues have undertaken some fascinating projects over the years… I am delighted to have the support of Leeds Metropolitan University to make a contribution to the work of the prestigious Leeds Business School.”

Among other things, the firm claims to have conducted the UK’s first email survey in 1984.


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12 years ago

Just for the historical record... I ran that first e-mail/online survey a few months before founding Catalyst Research Limited (with Roger Fenton and Sue Denning), the precursor organisation to Lawrence F Bailey And Associates. There were only three UK providers of e-mail at the time, of which only Telecom Gold (part of British Telecom) had extensive enough coverage to warrant a users-survey. The survey was commissioned on 7th December 1984, and reported some four months later. It used a simple invitation to take part, presented at log-in … and when they reached the open-ended questions, users wrote reams! (Thank goodness I don’t have to try that now…)

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