NEWS12 June 2023

Kynetec buys Systematics International

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UK – Agricultural and animal health data and analytics company Kynetec has acquired software development business Systematics International to expand its machinery data and analytics.

Christine Bhatt

Headquartered in Essex, Systematics International aggregates and reports machinery volume statistics for global closed and open data exchanges.

Following the acquisition, Systematics will explore opportunities of expanding the open data exchanges, in particular the Global Registrations Data Monitor (GRDM), a platform that collects machinery registration data from official bodies, allowing aggregation and reporting of data for new registrations of machinery.

Kynetec will retain the Systematics brand for the foreseeable future, with the brand known as Systematics International – a Kynetec company.

Christine Bhatt, chief executive officer (pictured) and Manuel Bhatt, chief finance and strategic planning officer at Systematics, will join Kynetec with their team of programmers and data analysts.

Paul Walker, Kynetec’s chief operating officer for crop, said players in agricultural machinery would access “deeper, more meaningful industry insights” by subscribing to Systematics’ Global Registrations Data Monitor.

Further terms of the deal have not been shared.

Daniel Wirth, chief executive, Kynetec, said: “Building on the 2022 acquisitions that we made in the machinery sector, namely Agriview in Australia and New Zealand, the Systematics International acquisition will enable us to expand our reach into tracking the machinery market across the globe while respecting data compliance rules surrounding closed and open data exchanges.”

Christine Bhatt and Manuel Bhatt, the previous owners of Systematics, added: “Both Kynetec and Systematics understand the importance and confidentiality of closed data exchange services delivered to trade associations and their members, with continued emphasis on retaining current exemplary work practices and customer relationships. 

“The Systematics team will continue delivering timely, accurate and consistent data exchange services to manufacturers.”