NEWS29 November 2011

Kimberly-Clark on board with mag ad ROI guarantee

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US— Kimberly-Clark is the first major advertiser to commit to a magazine advertising ROI guarantee being offered by publisher Meredith in partnership with Nielsen.

Details have not been revealed, but Meredith will guarantee Kimberly-Clark that advertising in its titles will boost sales of branded products by a set amount – and it’ll be Nielsen’s research that is used to verify whether the guarantee has been met.

Meredith has identified a selection of panellists within the research firm’s consumer purchase panel, Homescan, who also subscribe to its magazines. Alongside this is a control group who aren’t subscribers but match the test group in terms of purchase behaviour, geography and demographics.

Using this approach the partners can isolate the effect of exposure to ads in Meredith’s magazines, which include titles such as Better Homes & Gardens, Parents, Family Circle and American Baby.

A year-long trial run of the research found that advertisers in categories such as beauty, household goods, OTC drugs and food were able to increase their product sales by an average of 10% among Meredith readers.