NEWS9 October 2013

Kantar launches television audience measurement service

North America Technology

US – Kantar Media has launched a TV audience measurement service to provide information on viewing behaviour, including programme engagement and commercial ratings.

Audience Adviser uses return-path data (RPD) collected from set-top boxes to provide second-by-second data, projectable to a national footprint of nearly 100 million US households.

The service will also integrate purchase behaviour and demographic data from Kantar Media’s third-party partners, including Experian Marketing Services, JD Power and Kantar Shopcom, facilitating audience segmentation studies based on household-level attributes, demographics and purchase behaviour.

“The complexity of the marketplace has increased the need for broader, more comprehensive insights but only if they are based on quality data,” said George Shababb, president of Kantar Media Audiences. “Kantar Media is uniquely positioned to deliver on the need for advanced audience measurement systems that can deliver the power of big data along with a high level of data acuity and powerful analytics.”

Audience Adviser is likely to face stiff competition from similar offerings, particular Rentrak’s RPD-based ratings services. However, Audience Adviser already has the support of GroupM and Saatchi & Saatchi, which are sister companies to Kantar in the WPP group.